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Our Approach

Founded by a former NCAA D1 baseball coach with over 26 years of experience, we bring firsthand knowledge in helping student-athletes find the college that is an all-around best match. Our goal is to maximize college offers and scholarship opportunities for our athletes and their families.


  • Level Assessment

  • School Recommendations

  • NCAA Eligibility Center

  • Custom Recruitment Proces

  • Player Profile


  • College Admissions Process

  • Transcript Assessment

  • College Admissions Testing Prep and Assistance

  • Essay Writing Guidance

  • Recommendation Letter Guidance


  • FAFSA Application

  • Academic Scholarships

  • Athletic Scholarships

  • Scholarship Education

  • Non-institutional Scholarships


  • Skill Assesment

  • Skill Instructor(s) Recommendations

  • Dietitian & Nutrition Guidance

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Mental Training Recommendations

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MCA Packages


The Cycle

  • College Advising

  • Skills Assessment

  • Provide College referrals, to include some from college of your choice

  • Provide checklist of "Things to do" as you begin the college application process

  • Unlimited phone calls to recommended colleges

  • Up to 3 additional In-house or Zoom meeting with our Advisory Staff

  • Concierge service to aid in the process of filling out all necessary documents (Admissions application, SAT/ACT, FAFSA) as well as potential outside scholarship aid.

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